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David Harris


David Harris“Diamond Slice Necklace

As a child, David Harris colored macaroni and made a necklace for his mother. She wore it all day, and that’s when this New York-based artist knew which path he’d take. “The smile on my mother’s face that day continues to be my inspiration,” he says, “I’m happiest when I know that my creations make women happy.”

He takes that with him daily into his studio, where his design philosophy is to create jewelry that is “Simply beautiful.” His respect for the materials and insistence on the highest quality stones ensures that a David Harris piece will last for generations, not only as an heirloom piece, but as a treasured accessory with timeless appeal.

David is the type of artist who maintains a specifically green ideal with his art: if pieces don’t sell for whatever reason, he repurposes the material to create new works. This kind of creativity and ecological sensitivity is rare in the world of luxury goods, and sets David Harris apart as an artist and designer who holds the natural world in high esteem and as a source of true inspiration.

Spending time in the Caribbean with natives selling shells and beads, David’s respect for nature started at an early age. As he grew older, learning from a science teacher how to find pyrite and from a family friend where to search for stones in construction sites, David’s passion for interesting gemstones and rocks expanded into his desire to create unique jewelry.

Outside of his studio, David is a tireless philanthropist. To date, he’s worked to assist numerous nonprofits including the Santa Barbara Zoo, East Side Settlement House, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Fresh Air Fund, Moffitt Cancer Center, Sarasota Ballet, and Greater Pittsburgh YWCA.

David Harris Designs is located in New York City’s Fashion District and collections can be found at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores and premium retailers nationwide. For more information, please contact David Harris Designs Brand and Business Development at (212) 398-1815